Optimize your analytical workflow.

Spend more time thinking and analyzing – less time organizing your data. Let Parsd do it for you. Our app helps you do research and feel smarter doing it.

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Bring your own data

The Parsd platform help you analyze and organize unstructured data from documents, videos, sound recordings, and images. Bring the data into Parsd and you will get your data sorted and organized. Our web app augments text analysis using AI. With your data organized you will have more time to spend on analyzing.

“We provide an AI-powered digital research hub”

Bring your own
data in ONE place

Organize, Analyze
& Select

Combine into

& Present

The Power of parsing

This is how our customers us
e Parsd:

Process lots of text in a short time

Compare texts and see patterns over time

Support in argumentation

“Flip the curve and make it easy to create fact-based insights”

Defending the integrity of facts

“We strengthen democracy by improving fact integrity, empowering experts, and enhancing collaboration between analysts and storytellers, leveraging data while addressing bias through trustworthy and accessible information.”

Reliable facts for a working democracy

Democracy for a working market economy

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We are proud to participate in the Sting Incubator programme

Parsd is a non-academic partner to WASP and the WARA Media & Language Research Arena

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