Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Alexandra Kafka Larsson

I worked 24 years in the Swedish Armed Forces as a Military Intelligence Officer and spent 15 of these years leading R&D around methods and technology. Specialized in content management, search and text analytics, rich media management, and geospatial technologies. I also have a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Lund. Spent the last years as a Chief Architect and Digitalisation advisor to a few major Swedish companies. Recent love for Python coding. 20 years as an activist for LGBTQ rights. Married to Denisa. Avid Apple fangirl.

PR & Communications

Annica Ryng

I am an enthusiastic blogger, active social media user, and podcast listener. I have a long track record of working with public policy, and advocacy. In 2010, I moved from Stockholm to Brussels, where I currently work as a Public Affairs and Communications Director for a European association representing authors’ rights (SAA), in relation to European media policy and the digital single market. Previously I was an Adviser for the largest alliance of pan-European networks in the social sector (Social Platform). Earlier, I worked in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (RFSU), and LGBT rights (RFSL) in Sweden. I have been involved in NGOs since 1999, holding various board positions and managing many projects. Read more at

Social media & visuals

Linda Carti

Hi! I am Linda and I hold a Master’s degree in Languages, Cultures and International Affairs. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish and have basic command of Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. Growing up in Saint-Martin, a small half French half Dutch island in the Caribbean, I have always loved being surrounded by cultural and linguistic diversity. I interned twice for the United Nations’ Department of Global Communications, and I interned for the Society of Audiovisual Authors. I am fond of raising awareness on important topics for our society and passionate about visual arts and graphic design. Love using my artsy side in the Parsd team!

Brand & marketing

Ingemar Varp

Currently Creative Strategy Director at iZettle by Paypal. Long experience as creative director and copywriter in various creative agencies in Sweden and the UK over the past 20 years.

Community & Dissemination

Jonathan Hörnhagen

I’m a techy communications professional, specialized in rhetorics. What brought me into Parsd is my passion for utilizing and spreading the newest technologies available to make knowledge work smarter and presentations more engaging. Currently, I do investigation work and freelance in digital transformation, speech and communications consultancy. I also do some work for the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (Swedish: Utbildningsradion, UR) where I do an educational game show in public speaking for teenagers called “Retorikmatchen” (The Game of Rhetorics). Prior to my engagement in Parsd, I worked as a Global Communication Manager to a large-cap beauty cosmetics company founded in Sweden.

Architect & Developer

Håkan Ståby

I have worked as an independent consultant in pharma, manufacturing, logistics, defense, and government institutions for more than 20 years. I am specialized in content management and related fields. I take on architect and leader roles as well as hands-on development in most languages and frameworks. Due to my curious nature, I am always eager to learn new techniques and to explore areas like game development, AI and blockchain. I am married to Marie-Louise and have 3 children. I love cooking, whisky, craft beer, reading, mountain biking, and music (listening and playing)