What we do

We love your thinking and want to empower you and your team to do more of that using digital tools. We want to help you create and share trusted insights and make them matter to others.

We want to do that by creating an inclusive community-based platform that enables all of you to create faster, more trusted, and more engaging insights. We want to gather and share ideas to inspire you to create effective digital workflows for your research. Our community initiatives focus on helping you in your digital workflow. We do that by providing digitally adapted methods, reviews, guidelines, tutorials, and news in this space.

We are also a software company focusing on integrating existing cloud-based software services and providing the critical missing pieces to support the analysts’ workflows from collection to presentation. If you want to gain early access and contribute to product development, please sign up for our beta tester waiting list.

Our software focuses on lowering the threshold to create those workflows and make them accessible to more people to work efficiently with digital tools. Our methods and software focus mainly on unstructured information and we believe we need far better ways to create shared knowledge structures around them to empower people to create better insights.