Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Here are some common questions about Parsd and what we do:

Yes, we are. Our initial product is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) running in the public cloud. The tool can be used using a standard web browser and will have various tiers of monthly subscriptions. Read more about who we are and what we do.

Anyone, who professionally needs to collect & collate lots of unstructured information and use analytical methods to create a report, presentation, or an experience based on the gained insights & conclusions? Here are some additional use cases where we believe Parsd can be useful.

No. Although Parsd is based on many years of experience from the intelligence community our software is not just for intelligence analysts. Intelligence methods are actually a cross-disciplinary mix of methods and the focus is always to deliver the best analytical foundation for decision-making. We believe these tools and methods are useful for people in many different industries ranging from risk-and security analysts, compliance officers, lawyers, academic researchers, journalists, trendspotters, geopolitical analysts, market analysts, and much more. If you know a relevant function or role, drop us a line!

No, not yet but please sign up for the beta testing list to be one of the first users.

Parsd is founded in Sweden, part of the European Union (EU). We have a fully remote team with members in Belgium and France as well. Learn more about our amazing team!

Currently, we are boot-strapped with Alexandra Kafka Larsson as the sole owner. Our future plans most likely need external investments to develop the product and grow our community into different democratic countries worldwide. If you are interested in investing or providing advice we would love to hear from you.

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