Parsd is a company founded based on 20 years of experience in analyzing and organizing information within the Swedish intelligence service together with diverse experiences from digitalization and storytelling work from the civilian sector.

The name of our company, Parsd, comes from a wordplay from the word parse or parsing. That word is used in a few different contexts all related to analyzing the structure of text or code. In linguistics, the term is used to understand the precise meaning of a word and break down sentences into parts of speech. In computer science, parsing is often related to processing human language text using computer programs often in natural language processing. In psycholinguistics, it means assigning words to categories and assigning meaning to them using connotation. Finally, rhetorical parsers are used in discourse analysis to understand potential rhetorical links. Altogether, these different meanings make Parsd a name that focuses on the importance of structure and meaning when analyzing unstructured information and presenting insights to others. We also think that we need more time to think and that is why “Love your thinking” is our tagline. Insights are created with focused and structured thinking that becomes better when we do that collaboratively.

We want to do that by creating an inclusive community-based platform that enables all of you to create faster, more trusted, and more engaging insights. We want to gather and share ideas to inspire you to create effective digital workflows for your research. Our community initiatives focus on helping you in your digital workflow. We do that by providing digitally adapted methods, reviews, guidelines, tutorials, and news in this space.

We are also a software company focusing on integrating existing cloud-based software services and providing the critical missing pieces to support the analysts’ workflows from collection to presentation. Our software focuses on lowering the threshold to create those workflows and make them accessible to more people to work efficiently with digital tools. Our methods and software focus mainly on unstructured information and we believe we need far better ways to create shared knowledge structures around them to empower people to create better insights.

Our manifesto

Our vision where analysts can make the best out of digital tools to effectively create trusted insights that matter to others.

Meet the team

Meet our team of cross-disciplinary experts