Why Parsd?

At Parsd we believe a democratic society needs people who can create the most trusted insights together, and make them matter to others. Let’s unpack that sentence to understand why this is so important for us.

When we talk about a democracy we subscribe to a couple of central pillars like periodic free elections with equal rights to votes but also freedom of speech, a free press, and the rule of law. Closely linked to the rule of law is the free market we also believe a market economy is an important aspect of a democracy.

Two women standing besides a working desk where a man is typing on an Apple iMac computer.
Parsd is all about creating trusted insights together

Both elections and market economies mean that the citizens need access to information to make informed decisions about both matters of governance and what to spend their money on. We believe that the integrity of facts is a critical aspect of having both free elections and a working market economy.

The integrity of facts can be protected if you can trust the information you get and use that as a reference for either political change or economic decisions. Having a common set of facts that we can agree on means that we have a common platform of references of what is or is not happening and use that for the change we want to occur.

Today’s abundance of digital information makes it so important to defend the integrity of facts by empowering expert analysts with analytical tools and helping them deliver insights based on facts.

At Parsd we understand that insights created from a common set of facts in itself are not enough. The fast-paced attention economy of today needs something more to make those insights matter to others. People often need sights together with emotions to notice and remember. That is why we believe storytelling and interactive visualization supporting the story are vital to making our important insights matter in a democratic society. That is why Parsd exists.