How to Parse?

Manage lots of unstructured information
Your research project can easily contain thousands of files from different types of sources. Learn what you can do to make sure you can find what you need later on.

Off-Load Complexity with the right tools
Digital tools are needed to manage the complexity of your research. Using a variety of tools can make content traceable, transparent, and easy to find and structure.

Team Work
Collaborate and build knowledge on top of shared structures. Diversity of perspectives in content sources is key to meaningful insights. Become smarter together.

Spark Creativity
Spend time in a fun way. Explore, find, analyze, reinvent and master the craft of storytelling. Present your insights in a creative way and make an impact on a larger audience.

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What do we mean by unstructured information?
Maybe you have heard people talking about structured and unstructured information. Learn the difference and why it matters.