Flipping the Curve

Inside the head of an Analyst

When you are working with gathering and analyzing information to create a report or a presentation you tend to follow a process. Often that starts with gathering information from sources you select from searches or directly from sources you trust. Gathering information tends to occupy the main part of your initial work. After a while, you have lots of documents to go through and spend significant time trying to organize and find the relevant data in them.

When you are finally done with gathering and organizing all data, the deadline is quickly approaching and you wished you had more time to really think different hypotheses through and follow a specific method. Instead, the deadline for the report or presentation is approaching so you decide you’d better start writing that document or presentation slide deck. It is hard to get it to look right so you find yourself spending lots of time on this step as well.

Presentation time

Finally, it is time for the presentation and you realize that you wished you had more time to think your conclusions through. You get some questions about sources and content but the material is too static to allow for any deeper discussions. You also realize that you really should repurpose the content into several versions tailored to different audiences and situations. An executive brief, an interactive animation, a short podcast segment, and an intranet article. You wonder how you would find time to do that. You tell them you will come back in a couple of days with some additional material.

Do you recognize yourself?

Flip the Curve!

We believe we can flip this curve using the latest cloud technologies so you as an analyst spend less time on the first steps collecting and organizing data and more time thinking the problem through. Giving you more time to do analysis and synthesis is vital to understanding the complex problems of today. We also want to help you follow a suitable analytical method. Finally, we believe we can help you reformat your digitally derived insights into an engaging story that makes your insights matter. That way you can spend more time on presentation and delivery with your end customer.