Parsd has joined the Sting Incubator

We are proud to announce that Parsd has joined the Sting Incubator, one of 19 amazing startups!

The Sting Community provides an amazing environment for us as a startup. It is a great community of talented people willing to share advice and experiences from their startup journey. It has been a unique but intense first weeks so far. The road to a sustainable SaaS (Software as a Service) business is much clearer. We want to change how people can do fact-based analysis of text and audio to help them create insights that matter and insights we trust. Please follow our journey as we develop our product, and let me know if you’d like to become an early tester of our prototype. Let’s give people more time to think!

Stop by for a cup of coffee if you want to learn more about Parsd and what we can do to revolutionize analysis.

The founder and CEO Alexandra Kafka Larsson and Head of Strategy David Olgart in front of the A House.

Alexandra Kafka Larsson, CEO and founder and David Olgart, Head of Strategy & Partnerships, in front of the
A House where we will spend the next year as part of the Sting program.

Read more in the Sting press release

This is how we described what we are doing:

Parsd empowers analysts with innovative tools to efficiently process vast unstructured data, ensuring quality insights and a trust-enhancing audit trail. Our platform, designed by analysts for analysts, combines AI and community-driven structures, transforming insights into compelling stories. Parsd is revolutionizing analysis for diverse professionals, from journalists to researchers.

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